Senior NLP Developer, Aracor at Constructor Group

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Senior NLP Developer, Aracor Constructor Group. Aracor . is a software platform enabling hybrid legal intelligence. Founded at Constructor Group by award winning attorneys and leading technologists, Aracor utilizes cutting edge machine intelligence technologies to speed up and automate legal research and contract review, transforming in-house operations and how businesses get deals done.. Role: Senior NLP Developer.  . Main Duties and Responsibilities:. Develop a vision and strategy for delivering AI techniques for company’s products. Work on complex goals that require effort to define and organize. Responsible for determining and leading projects to deliver the solution. Development of new AI-based features for major releases of new and existing applications. Supporting continuous improvement by investigating alternatives and new technologies and presenting these for architectural review.. Develop pipelines for data collection and preparation. Algorithms quality validation and monitoring. Develop services for ML models inference. Validating the model predictions to ensure the accuracy. Writing well-designed, testable and efficient code. Fixing issues, solving specific security troubles.  . Required skills:. Master’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or similar field;. Outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills;. Experience with text analysis, named entity extraction and question-answering;. Strong knowledge of math, probability, statistics and algorithms;. Solid experience (3yrs+) with python 3.6+ and its main libraries (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, SciKit-Learn, Matplotlib/Plotly etc.);. 3+ years of experience with Machine Learning/Deep Learning. Good understanding of modern ML and DL libraries. Experience with sklearn, Pytorch/Tensorflow, Bert, transformers. Experience with cloud services like AWS, GCP or Azure;. English: professional or fluent.  . Desired skills:. experience with recurrent neural networks: GRU, LSTM, Bi-LSTM;. experience with Seq2Seq, VAE architectures;. experience building scalable services in production.  . We offer:. Competitive salary. Choice of equipment ( i.e. laptop, monitor, etc). Fully remote job with a flexible working schedule. International company with large-scale projects and global clients. Community of passionate experts to exchange knowledge and expertise