Blockchain Systems Engineer at Nethermind

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Blockchain Systems Engineer Nethermind. Are you the one?. If you've envisioned yourself at the forefront of AI and Web3 innovation, then . Nethermind . offers the perfect opportunity to transform that vision into reality.. Nethermind. is a Blockchain Research and Software Engineering company. We empower enterprises and developers worldwide to access and build on the decentralized web. Our work touches every part of the blockchain ecosystem - from fundamental cryptography research to application-layer protocol development.. We are currently seeking talented and passionate Blockchain Engineers with proficiency in Rust programming to join our growing AI and ZK teams. Successful candidates will design, develop and optimize protocols and applications fundamental to the advancement of Web3. Our projects range from core protocol development of ZK components for . Starknet . to design and development of Hardware and Software for Worldcoin.. Responsibilities. :. Perform R&D. Designing and development of distributed and fault-tolerant systems. Optimization and contribution to closed and open source projects. Collaboration with internal and external teams within the Web3 community. Opportunity to work with the top software engineers and research professionals to solve the toughest technical challenges. Working with the latest tools and technologies. Stay updated with new developments and technology in the blockchain space. Skills:. Excellent programming skills, Rust preferred but will also consider . other tech stacks.  (e.g. Go, C#, C++). Deep understanding of Ethereum blockchain architecture. Understanding of good software architecture and engineering process. Ability to write clean, testable, and maintainable code without over-engineering. An entrepreneurial nature, willing to take ownership and run toward problems. Several years of experience in software development and a strong Computer Science background. A fascination with the inner working of blockchains. Nice to have:. Experience with development on . Starknet and Cairo language. Familiarity with zk proof systems (ZK-STARK, ZK-SNARKs). Cryptography. Mathematics Background. Having activity on GitHub is a significant advantage (please include links to projects or PRs that you have submitted to external projects)