Lead Animator at Worlds Untold

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Lead Animator Worlds Untold. Worlds Untold is seeking a Lead Animator with a curious, collaborative approach, who is about elevating gaming experiences through character development and engaging gameplay. . As a key contributor, you will focus on crafting and setting the standards for in-world player character animations, especially within gameplay contexts, to ensure every movement is realistic, fluid, and elevates the overall gaming experience. This role requires a unique blend of exceptional artistic talent, in-depth technical knowledge, superior organizational skills, and a deep passion for video games..  . Key Responsibilities:. Establish and improve gameplay animation systems, in collaboration with art, programming and design.. Create engaging and dynamic gameplay animations using keyframing and mocap data.. Collaborate closely with our Tech team to develop and help implement our animation pipeline.. Review gameplay animations and, in collaboration with the Animation Director, define our quality expectations.. Ensure quality expectations are met throughout the different production phases.. Collaborate with gameplay programmers, game designers and character artists to implement gameplay animations, ensuring the artistic vision is in sync with technical specifications.. Identify potential risks and implement mitigation plans before issues arise.. Participating in the planning and hiring of a team of animators to lead, manage and mentor as the team grows.. Establish and maintain constructive feedback loops with the animation team, maintaining a consistent style and quality level, fostering a curious, collaborative, creative and safe environment.. Work in collaboration with the Production team to define and improve animation pipelines, priorities and streamline workflows.. Stay abreast of industry trends and best practices in animation and management, incorporating these insights into workflows..  . Basic Qualifications:. 10+ years of experience working in video game animation, specifically for AAA games.. Extensive experience in leading animation teams, building trust and driving results.. Mastery of animations tools and software (Maya, MotionBuilder).. Great knowledge of motion matching and inverse kinematics methods.. Expert in animation fundamentals such as rhythm, timing, anticipation, and silhouette, skilled in expressing emotion and storytelling through movement to ensure characters are both believable and immersive.. Good understanding of rigging and skinning techniques.. Experience developing and maintaining animation pipeline (from conception to ship).. Experience planning, organizing and directing mocap shoots.. Proficiency in Unreal Engine, pertaining to character and in-world animations..  . Preferred Qualifications:. Ability to communicate efficiently, with an emphasis in maintaining positive interaction with the rest of the team.. Ability to self-organize and organize others autonomously.. Capability to cooperate and build positive relationships with key stakeholders.. Proficiency in communicating ideas to others with simplicity and logic.. Skill in preparing, presenting, and documenting comprehensive materials for various group.. A passion for narrative driven games with a broad knowledge of the gaming landscape and market trends.. Compensation Range: 83,000 - 138,000 CAD