Research Program Manager - Audience Engagement at Figma

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Research Program Manager - Audience Engagement Figma. At the heart of this mission is our Research Ops and Insights team, dedicated to building the infrastructure that fuels our product builders with actionable insights and helps scale Figma’s community-centric product development culture. We're the backbone that empowers teams with the knowledge and tools necessary to understand and engage with our community effectively, driving the creation of products that resonate deeply with our users.. Figma is inviting a Technical Program Manager, Audience Engagement to redefine and elevate the way we connect with our audience. This role is pivotal in integrating technical acumen with program and project management skills. You'll lead the transformation of our participant management systems, launch a customer beta program, and drive the integration of customer and research data. Your contributions will be essential in making audience engagement a seamless, automated, and insightful process, directly influencing Figma's product evolution.. This is a full time role that can be held from one of our US hubs or remotely in the United States.. What you’ll do at Figma:. Audience Engagement: . Upgrade our participant management systems to be more automated and user-friendly, improving efficiency and making it easier for users to manage their participation.. Establish a new customer beta program for testing product features with customers. This includes setting up the system, recruiting users, and gathering their active feedback on beta features.. Create straightforward guides and automated processes that make it easier and more secure for product builders to engage with our user community.. Customer and Research Data Integrations:. Design and manage systems that integrate customer feedback and research data, setting the foundation for leveraging generative AI in deriving insights.. Partner with teams across Figma, including product development, data science, engineering, marketing and sales to understand their data needs and priorities. Work closely with these teams to define clear project goals and requirements for integrating data across systems. This collaboration ensures that the solutions developed are not only technically sound but also aligned with the diverse needs of different stakeholders.. Lead the design and construction of data solutions that connect disparate systems and data sources. This effort involves working hands-on with technical teams to ensure smooth data flow and accessibility, enabling more comprehensive analytics and insights.. Program and Project Management:. Lead projects from conception to implementation, ensuring solutions are well-adapted and widely adopted within the organization.. Collaborate closely with data science and other technical teams to align system capabilities with the strategic goals of audience engagement.. We'd love to hear from you if you have:. Proven Technical Program and Project Management Experience: . Demonstrated experience in managing complex technical projects, particularly those involving intricate data integration across various systems within the company. This should include a track record of successfully leading projects from ideation to implementation.. Customer-Centric Approach in Solution Design: . A deep commitment to understanding and prioritizing end-user needs when designing and implementing technical solutions. Experience in creating user-focused systems that enhance audience engagement and research efficacy.. SQL and Programming Expertise: . Strong proficiency in SQL for data manipulation and analysis. Experience with programming, particularly in languages relevant to data integration and system automation, is essential.. Familiarity with Machine Learning: . A solid understanding of machine learning concepts and technical considerations to prepare data our team to leverage new generative AI solutions. . While not required, it’s an added plus if you also have:. Human-Centered approach:. Knowledge of human-centered design principles and their application in project execution. Ability to integrate these principles into technical solutions, ensuring that projects are not only efficient but also empathetic to user needs.. Product Experience with Figma and FigJam: . Hands-on experience using Figma and FigJam. Familiarity with these tools would be particularly advantageous, providing insights into user experience and potential areas for system enhancement.. UX Research Experience: . Background in conducting UX research or working closely with research teams. This experience is valuable in understanding the nuances of user needs and translating them into effective technical solutions.. At Figma, one of our values is Grow as you go. We believe in hiring smart, curious people who are excited to learn and develop their skills. If you’re excited about this role but your past experience doesn’t align perfectly with the points outlined in the job description, we encourage you to apply anyways. You may be just the right candidate for this or other roles.