Backend Engineer, Gitaly: Cluster at GitLab

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Backend Engineer, Gitaly: Cluster GitLab. The GitLab . DevSecOps platform. empowers 100,000+ organizations to deliver software faster and more efficiently. We are one of the . world’s largest all-remote companies. with 2,000+ team members and . values. that foster a culture where people embrace the belief that everyone can contribute. Learn more about . Life at GitLab. .. At GitLab, developers are independent and self-organized individual contributors who work together as a tight team in a. remote and agile. way.  Most backend developers work on all aspects of GitLab, building features, fixing bugs, and generally improving the application. Senior Backend Engineers at GitLab work on our product. This includes both the open source version of GitLab, the enterprise editions, and the service as well. They work with peers on teams dedicated to areas of the product. They work together with product managers, designers, and. frontend engineers. to solve common goals.. Gitaly is the . Git. data storage tier of GitLab, providing a reliable, secure and fast distributed Git data store over gRPC. For more information about Gitaly, see the team’s. Direction. page. . Gitaly’s high-availability storage requires developers who understand distributed storage systems, their management, observability and availability. . Cluster team. contributes features, fixes bugs and improves performance of this software stack.. Currently, we're building a . new distributed cluster solution. and improvements to our Disaster Recovery readiness.. Responsibilities. Within the Gitaly team specifically, in this role, you will:. Participate in architectural discussions and decisions surrounding Gitaly.. Design RPC interfaces for the Gitaly service.. Scope, estimate and describe tasks to reach the team’s goals.. Develop Gitaly in accordance with the product’s goals.. Instrument, monitor and profile Gitaly in the production environment.. Build dashboards and alerts to monitor the health of your services.. Conduct acceptance testing of the features you’ve built.. Educate all team members on best practices relating to high availability.. Participate in architectural discussions and decisions surrounding Gitaly.. Write performant, maintainable, and elegant code and peer review others’ code.. Be positive and solution-oriented.. Constantly improve the quality & security of the product.. Take initiative in improving the software in small or large ways to address pain points in your own experience as a developer.. Qualify developers for hiring.. Respond to user emergencies, platform alerts and support requests, including regular on-call duties.. Requirements. Mandatory: proven . professional experience. building, debugging, optimizing software in large-scale, high-volume environments.. Mandatory: proven . professional experience. writing and testing high-quality code.. Mandatory: a good understanding of building instrumented, observable software systems.. Highly desirable: proven . professional experience. writing and testing quality code in Go.. Highly desirable: a good understanding of git’s internal data structures or experience running git servers.. Highly desirable: experience with gRPC.. Highly desirable: willingness to learn Ruby.. Highly desirable: experience running highly-available systems in production environments.. You share our . values. , and work in accordance with those values.. Avoid the confidence gap; you do not have to match all the listed requirements exactly to apply!. To view the full job description and its compensation calculator, view our handbook. The compensation calculator can be found towards the bottom of the page.. Additional details about our process can be found on our.  hiring page. .. Remote-Global