Senior Software Engineer at Grow Therapy

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Senior Software Engineer Grow Therapy. About the Role. As an early engineer at Grow, you’ll have a huge amount of scope and autonomy. You get to see a number of different product surface areas (provider portal, marketplace, client experience, infrastructure, and enabling operations) in addition to working full-stack (Flask/Python on the backend, React/TypeScript on the frontend, infrastructure on AWS)..  . What you'll do. We have multiple roles open. Some examples of projects you may work on include: . Making a robust cost estimation and eligibility checking platform . - You’ll pull in data from different sources and implement the logic and infrastructure that allows us to give cost estimates for every insurance type our providers accept.. Creating a world-class note-taking experience for providers. - Notes are where our providers spend most of their day! You’ll own the full-stack experience of notes syncing, intelligent prefilling, and caching notes to create a best-in-class experience.. Optimizing search ranking and performance at scale . - there are thousands of providers who accept many different insurance types, have unique backgrounds, and differing amounts of availability. Help us create a search algorithm that matches clients with the right therapist for them!. Who you are. 4+ years in engineering. You’ve built and scaled systems, made complex engineering decisions, and have proved out your technical skills in industry.. Full-stack web development experience. You have experience working with REST APIs, web frameworks, an understanding of HTML, CSS, JS and at least one backend language.. Entrepreneurial spirit. You have worked in a startup or on your own side projects and built products from the ground up.. Product thinker. You want to build through a user-centric lens and be involved not only in engineering decisions but product and design decisions as well.. Leader. You’ll do anything to achieve your goal. You know how to think on the fly and persist through setbacks and roadblocks and to motivate your teammates to do the same.. Team Player. You are collaborative by nature, relish in camaraderie and group wins, and are looked to by colleagues as a steadfast partner and source of encouragement. Highly Motivated. You want ownership of your work.. Bonus Points. Experience with React, TypeScript, and GraphQL. Python and Flask Experience. Interesting side projects!. Engineering team principles. You own what you build. You will feel ownership of the code you write, articulate the importance of the feature, and follow up to ensure it's successful.. We build solutions for our providers and clients. We write code to solve user problems, not just for the sake of solving technical problems.. You are not part of the tech team, but rather part of the team itself! Grow is a tech-enabled business and not a pure software business, so understanding how the business works is integral to your job..  . The salary range for this position is $180,000 to $220,000 per year.