Senior Product Designer, Developer Product Group at HubSpot

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Senior Product Designer, Developer Product Group HubSpot. POS-24228. About You. You’re looking to join a customer and product-focused company where you’ll support a team of passionate individuals as you deliver the best product possible to help a mission-driven organization Grow Better. You have a background in UX design and something more technical like computer science, web development, or have some engineering experience. You’re seeking an opportunity where you’ll:. Be able to use your expertise in both design and development/engineering to build best-in-class developer tools.. Have a “seat at the table” from Day 1. Your partners and peers know what you do, greatly value it, and expect you to have strong opinions.. Co-own a significant part of the product with your partners and you’ll all have the autonomy you need to drive its strategy and vision.. Be able to work where and how you work best: at home, the office, or any mix of both.. About the Product . The Developer Product group builds the tools necessary for HubSpot’s growing customer base to get the most out of their HubSpot accounts. We own and deliver a best-in-class set of developer tools that unlock added power, data, features, and insights for HubSpot’s customers through custom-built apps, extensions, and integrations. Our tooling provides external developers with everything they need, from support to ramp up quickly, to the tools necessary to build out test environments, private and public Apps, integrations, workflows, and CMS customizations. And we’re continuously partnering with teams across HubSpot to unlock new and powerful ways to customize and extend the scaling HubSpot product.. Here’s what success in your role looks like. Co-create a shared strategy, vision, and cohesive roadmap for the future of HubSpot’s Developer Platform in partnership with product management and engineering peers. Drive alignment, set goals, and drive understanding and motivation with your partners and team. Understand the personas of HubSpot’s developer base, customers, and broader ecosystem and build compelling journey scenarios, information architecture, and interaction flows that solve for their most pressing needs and often span tooling inside and outside of HubSpot such as CLIs, GitHub, VSCode, and other local development tools. Work autonomously and with the developer and customer experience in mind, using our design system for a fast, efficient process with fewer handoffs. Collaborate closely with researchers and content designers to create, refine, and iterate on new and existing experiences. Mentor other designers as you play an active role in growing HubSpot’s UX team and culture. You’ll love this role if you. Love working in deeply technical spaces and have an understanding of modern development tools (such as VS Code, GitHub, and Postman). Aren’t scared to ask questions and go deep on technical problems. Can focus on just the most important things rather than being stretched thin across everything. Put developers and HubSpot’s customers at the center of everything you do. Demonstrate experience in delivering successful, intuitive products with measurable customer and business impact. Thrive when collaborating on strategy and vision with partners, leaders, and teams. Can balance scope, speed, and quality to reach outcomes. Enjoy mentoring, coaching for growth, aligning on goals, and driving accountability at all levels. Have experience fostering team health, mission, and purpose. Can confidently deliver clear, direct, and actionable feedback—and ask for it in return. Share our HEART values and practice growth mindset. About UX at HubSpot. Our UX team is a passionate and diverse group of ~300 product designers, content designers, researchers, and design ops folks globally who build consumer-grade experiences while solving enterprise-level problems. We’re set up to work as equal partners to our peers in product management and engineering. We design and deliver a crafted experience to our customers by setting a high bar on ease of use. We’re investing deeply in building whole and healthy UX teams across all our disciplines so we can better solve problems for our customers.. We involve our customers in every step of our development process. We strive to deliver a B2B product that’s just as easy to use as the best B2C products on the market. When our customers grow, we grow, too.. Want to know more about product design at HubSpot?. The possibilities of “and” — prioritizing usability alongside feature growth. By the people, for the people: keeping your design system evergreen. See all HubSpot UX blog posts. One more thing you should know…. There’s a lot of research. showing how marginalized groups of people may not apply for jobs unless they meet 100% (or more!) of the qualifications. We also know that many UX folks come from backgrounds with different experiences that might not seem “standard”—and that’s okay! We really value people who bring unique perspectives and add new knowledge to our team.. You might not feel like you “check all the boxes” as you read this job post, but we hope you’ll apply anyway because we’ll take great care in working with you. 🧡. Cash compensation range:. 145400-232600 USD Annually . This resource. will help guide how we recommend thinking about the range you see. Learn more about HubSpot’s . compensation philosophy. . The cash compensation above includes base salary, on-target commission for employees in eligible roles, and annual bonus targets under HubSpot’s bonus plan for eligible roles. In addition to cash compensation, some roles are eligible to participate in HubSpot’s equity plan to receive restricted stock units (RSUs). Some roles may also be eligible for overtime pay. Individual compensation packages are based on a few different factors unique to each candidate, including their skills, experience, qualifications and other job-related reasons. We know that benefits are also an important piece of your total compensation package. To learn more about what’s included in total compensation, check out some of the . benefits and perks HubSpot offers. to help employees grow better. At HubSpot, fair compensation practices isn’t just about checking off the box for legal compliance. It’s about living out our value of transparency with our employees, candidates, and community.