Senior Engineering Manager - Developer Acceleration at HubSpot

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Senior Engineering Manager - Developer Acceleration HubSpot. POS-23650. The HubSpot Product team is composed of over 1,800 engineers, designers, product managers, and researchers. We’re passionate about building tools that help small and medium-sized businesses market, sell, and serve their customers — and ultimately, grow better.. We’re also an organization proud of how we treat our employees, and have. the awards. to show for it. We are building a company future generations can be proud of. A company where everyone is welcome. A company where you can . be yourself. .. On the. HubSpot Engineering team. , work is owned and developed by small, autonomous, cross-functional teams. You and your teams will work together to create goals, set timelines, build software, test with users, and celebrate wins.. As an engineering leader, you'll help us solve the challenges that come from working at scale, grow teams and individuals who work alongside you, and share your passion and expertise about improving the reliability and uptime of the product you own. We favor forward-thinking engineering leaders who can identify and remediate problems before they happen, and understand how to build platforms that are intuitive to use, highly performant, and extremely reliable.. The Developer Acceleration group empowers HubSpot engineers to be able to build, test, and deploy their code at scale. They are responsible for 500-600k builds per day including 60k QA deployments per day. Our goals are to optimize and accelerate release engineering at HubSpot progressing towards continuous deployment directly to production while maintaining high standards for monitoring and incident management.. Due to continued growth and investment, we’re looking to hire an experienced engineering leader who will be responsible for 6-7 small teams including being a manager of managers. You don’t need to be a CI/CD expert to be successful in this role but infrastructure domain knowledge would be an advantage.. In this role you’ll get to:. Build trust, respect, and empathy, and use that as a base to deliver radical candor.. Foster an inclusive team and sense of mission.. Create and maintain strong working relationships across the organization, from the tech leads and the individual contributors who report to them, to the product managers and designers their reports work with, to their peers & the executive team.. Explore our customer and business needs in depth and detail.. Establish and share a strong knowledge of how we build and why.. Represent our mission, culture, and commitment to DI&B to candidates.. Inspire team members and candidates to take on new challenges and grow.. Build an understanding of the complexities of email at scale, and provide guidance on the tough technical decisions our teams make.. We are looking for people who:. Prefer to fix problems with technology rather than process.. See beyond what we have and already do, and towards what we can build or become, while developing a vision and focus on how to get there.. Have a proven ability to solve complicated technical problems and analyze trade-offs with deep empathy for the developers they work with.. Can demonstrate pragmatic decision-making and problem-solving abilities.