Team Lead at Teachable

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Team Lead Teachable. What is the role?. We are looking for a strategic thinking and deal-hungry Customer Success Team Lead to join our Customer Success team as a Player/Coach to take our customer success efforts to the next level.  If your sweet spot is a little bit of account management, a little bit of sales, and a little bit consultant, this is the role for you.. This role will be instrumental in driving the success of the Customer Success Team by implementing new processes, structures, and organizational efficiencies. You will collaborate with teams including Product, Support, Marketing, and Revenue Operations to drive total course sales growth for our largest creators.. In addition, you will be responsible for serving as the primary point of contact for managing the growth opportunities and activations for 10-20 of our Top 100 course creators, where you'll deliver tailored growth strategies and provide proactive strategic guidance through regular check-ins and strategic planning sessions. Your role will focus on unlocking creators' growth by educating them on platform features and leveraging insights to foster their business expansion within and beyond the platform. Additionally, you'll play a crucial role in enhancing the creators' brand authority by facilitating access to exclusive networking opportunities and experiences, ultimately supporting their holistic business growth. The playbooks you refine for growing these creators will serve as the cornerstone for further development and scaling of playbooks across the team.. The Team Lead, Customer Success will report to the Director of Customer Success & Partnerships. Furthermore, you will be responsible for managing at least one existing Senior Customer Success Manager, with the possibility of hiring and expanding the team down the line. This entails providing mentorship, guidance, and support to ensure the team's effectiveness in delivering exceptional service to our creators.. In this role, you'll:. Team Leadership and Playbook Development. Develop and refine playbooks for customer success strategies and mentor the teams on their implementation, ensuring consistency and effectiveness in service delivery while fostering continuous improvement and alignment with organizational goals.. Lead Pipeline & Account Management. Serve as the strategic relationship for 10-20 of our top 100 course creators, orchestrating growth strategies and providing comprehensive support through regular check-ins, strategic planning, and proactive engagement.. Drive Platform Mastery and Efficiency .  . Educate creators on leveraging our platform effectively, offering expert guidance to ensure they utilize all available features and tools for enhanced productivity and growth, while also negotiating terms to optimize their benefits and satisfaction.. Facilitate Strategic Growth . Deliver tailored insights and analytics to empower creators, enabling them to make informed decisions for their business expansion and strategic development, while consulting to enhance their holistic business growth. Look inside and outside the platform experience to bring marketing expertise, analytics, and best practices to their attention on how to improve their business and unlock growth.. Expand Creator Influence. Actively contribute to the development of creators’ brand authority by providing exclusive networking opportunities, strategic partnerships, and experiences that elevate their presence and influence in the market.. What You'll Bring:. Leadership or Mentorship Experience: . Demonstrated leadership and mentorship skills with a minimum of 3 years of experience in guiding and developing teams within a SaaS or technology-driven environment. This includes creating processes from scratch and scaling them to meet evolving needs.. Proven Track Record in Process Creation and Scaling:. A minimum of 5 years in a Customer Success, Account Management, Business Development/Sales, Consultant, or similar role within a SaaS or technology-driven environment, showcasing a track record of successfully creating processes from scratch and scaling them to drive efficiency and effectiveness.. Proven Account Management Skills: . Demonstrated ability to manage and nurture relationships with high-value clients, including conducting strategic planning sessions, regular check-ins, and providing proactive support to drive growth and satisfaction.. Strong Business Acumen. : Solid understanding of business strategies, with the ability to negotiate effectively, leverage insights for strategic growth, and guide creators in expanding their business and market presence.. Platform Expertise. : Experience in educating users on maximizing the benefits of a platform, including understanding its features, tools, and analytics, to enhance user engagement and success.. Results-oriented. : Possesses a keen understanding of how to thrive in competitive markets, showcasing a driven and results-oriented mindset with a strong desire to lead our creators and our team to success.. Analytical Proficiency. : Ability to analyze data, interpret insights, and provide strategic recommendations to support creators' growth and business objectives.. Communication and Relationship Building. : Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal, with the capacity to develop and maintain strong relationships with creators, providing them with networking opportunities and support for their brand authority growth.. Strategic Thinking. : Proven ability to think strategically and implement growth-focused initiatives, facilitating holistic business support and consulting to drive creator success.. Nice to Have:. Inherent sales and marketing skills as well as a deep interest in the online and creator economy.. A strong understanding about what makes an online business succeed as well as which tools and platforms creators are using will be necessary in order to help our customers experience impactful moments as quickly as possible.. Additional Details:. At Teachable, we are committed to providing fair and competitive pay (using market data to inform our pay bands), rewarding high performance, and ensuring all employees have the opportunity and ability to impact Teachable’s overall company value. Base salaries will be reviewed at regular intervals throughout the year, typically following performance review cycles currently conducted bi-annually or in conjunction with a promotion.. This role is open to applicants within commuting distance of our Manhattan office.. Applicants must be currently authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis. . For this role, the cash compensation package potential is $125,000 - $160,000, inclusive of a performance bonus that will be tied to set targets. Total compensation also includes a competitive benefits package and an RSU package. A salary offer will be determined by a number of factors including experience, skill level, education, internal pay equity, and other relevant business considerations. We review all teammate pay and compensation programs regularly to ensure competitive and fair pay.