DevOps/SRE at Virtasant Inc.

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DevOps/SRE Virtasant Inc.. Virtasant is a leading cloud consulting services provider. We heavily focus on lift & shift, cloud-native development, cloud cost optimization, and migration services. As a consulting company, we often face the challenge of creating an engineering team in a matter of a week or two. To do that, we have created a secondary support business that runs an engineering talent network and provides staffing services. Our client is a leading provider and they are looking for a Site Reliability Engineer to join their team.. About the Role. This position calls for a skilled engineer adept at implementing, troubleshooting, and managing cloud-based infrastructures to ensure it’s always highly available and reliable 24/7. You will work with our clients to deploy and manage robust, secure, scalable cloud solutions.. What You’ll Do. Design and implement cloud infrastructure using AWS and Kubernetes, focused on EKS for container orchestration. Develop and maintain Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using tools like Pulumi Build and manage CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins, Tekton, and Spinnaker to automate and streamline deployments. Implement GitOps methodologies using Flux, Kustomize, and Helm to maintain consistency and reliability in deployment environments. Program in multiple languages including TypeScript, Python, and Go Ensure robust monitoring and observability using Prometheus, Grafana, AlertManager, and Metrics Server. Implement and manage service meshes using Istio for enhanced service-to-service communication. Manage logging and monitoring using Fluentbit and Splunk Implement network solutions using Cloud Native CNI tools such as Calico and Cilium. Enhance security measures using AWS SecretManager, CertManager, and other security tools. Script and automate using Bash, manage code versions with Git, and utilize GitHub for source control and collaboration. Participate in a 24/7 on-call rotation to respond to system outages and emergencies promptly.. Required Skills. Proven experience with AWS cloud services and Kubernetes. Strong background in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with proficiency in Pulumi. Terraform and CDK are a plus Experience setting up and managing CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins, Tekton, or Spinnaker. Familiarity with GitOps practices and tools such as Flux, Kustomize, and Helm. Strong programming skills in TypeScript. Python and Go are a plus Knowledge of monitoring and logging tools like Prometheus, Grafana, Fluentbit, Splunk. Experience with Istio, Calico and Cilium. Strong understanding of security practices and tools in cloud environments. Good communication skills that enable you to interface with both technical and non-technical teams. Demonstrated experience working with cross-functional roles in a highly collaborative environment. Our recruitment process. Recruiter interview (30 min) Virtasant technical interview (60 mins)  Hiring Manager interview (60 mins) We strive to move efficiently from step to step so that the recruitment process can be as fast as possible.. What we offer. Totally remote,40h/week, long term-contract. Payment in USD, by-weekly or monthly - your choice. Pacific Business Working Hours: 8am - 5pm. Training and certification opportunities on AWS, GCP and/or Azure. .