Principal Perception Engineer at ISEE

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Principal Perception Engineer ISEE. Job duties: Provide daily technical and execution guidance on research and development tasks. to perception team members. Specifically,. • Research, design, and develop algorithms for autonomous driving systems to solve. challenging problems in ISEE's Perception and Sensor stack.. • Prototype and deploy robust perception algorithms on ISEE's vehicle fleet in areas of:. Object Detection, Localization and Mapping, Fusion and Multi Object Tracking;. • Develop systems for multimodal Sensor Fusion and Calibration using multiple grade. sensors including but not limited to Cameras, LiDARs, GNSS, IMUs and RaDARs.. • Invent and design new algorithms, tools, and models in emerging research areas to. improve the complex autonomous vehicle systems;. • Develop simulations for ISEE's systems and identify discrepancies between virtual and. real-world performance for future development and analysis.. • Contribute novel research ideas and collaborate with team members to conduct research. data analysis. Lead the algorithm design discussions to solve technical problems for these. systems;. • Stay up to date with current research in the field of Computer Vision and Pattern. Recognition and share relevant research with the team.. • Manage and supervise the work of other perception team members.. • Contribute in the recruiting process for perception and software candidates.. Job requirements:. - Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical and. Computer Engineering or Computer Vision plus 18-month working experience.. - 18-month working experience must in Machine learning and Sensor Calibration through. algorithm development.. To apply, please send resume and cover letter to 501 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA. 02139. Attn: L. Yu. Ref# LPE0321