Staff Frontend Product Software Engineer - Unified Desktop at Dropbox

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Staff Frontend Product Software Engineer - Unified Desktop Dropbox. Role Description. At Dropbox, we believe the future is built on great ideas. And great ideas don’t just come from the top; they come from everywhere. Our mission is to design an enlightened way of working.. Our Engineering team is working to simplify the way people work together. They’re building a family of products that handle over a billion files a day for people around the world. With our broad mission and massive scale, there are countless opportunities to make an impact. This is just the beginning of how Dropbox will use AI/ML to enhance knowledge work in today’s work environment. We’re excited to bring a new generation of personalized AI-powered experiences in Dropbox to improve our customers' working lives and a more focused, efficient, and productive workday.. Our Product Engineers are at the forefront of crafting the seamless, intuitive user interfaces that millions rely on for their data interaction and collaboration needs. Leveraging advanced knowledge in languages and frameworks like JavaScript, CSS and HTML, we ensure Dropbox's platforms are responsive, accessible, and deliver exceptional user experiences. Through their commitment to optimization and innovation, they play a crucial role in evolving Dropbox's offerings, making digital storage and collaboration more efficient and user-friendly on a global scale.. This role will be the Tech Lead of the team.. Our Engineering Career Framework is . viewable by anyone outside the company. and describes what’s expected for our engineers at each of our career levels. Check out our blog post on this topic and more . here. .. Responsibilities. Own projects end to end, starting with data discovery, design, implementation, and deployment. Develop customer-centric prototypes for new product explorations. Manage and lead multiple teams of engineers and grow the teams as needed. Proactively communicate your learnings and progress to your team and leadership. Establish and maintain relationships with other engineering teams and collaborate with other functions within Dropbox. Many teams at Dropbox run Services with on-call rotations, which entails being available for calls during both core and non-core business hours. If a team has an on-call rotation, all engineers on the team are expected to participate in the rotation as part of their employment. Applicants are encouraged to ask for more details of the rotations to which the applicant is applying.. Requirements. BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science or related technical field, or equivalent technical experience. 10+ years of software engineering and/or work related industry experience. Experience leading projects, determining requirements, and quickly iterating based on user feedback. Skilled at building user-facing applications and supporting systems and libraries on web and/or desktop using front-end technologies such as JavaScript, TypeScript, React, HTML5, CSS3. Experience designing products from scratch with product and design teams. Willingness to experiment with and quickly pick up new technologies. Preferred Qualifications. Familiarity in using Git as a version control system to manage codebase changes and collaborate with other team members efficiently.. Demonstrated experience with NodeJS, including the development of server-side logic, definition and maintenance of the central database, and ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end.. Experience in developing desktop applications using Electron, showcasing the ability to bridge web technologies with native desktop environments for cross-platform development.. In-depth knowledge of API and networking patterns, including RESTful services and modern asynchronous communication techniques, to ensure seamless data exchange and integration between front-end applications and back-end services.. Skilled in the build and deployment processes, with a keen understanding of CI/CD principles to automate and improve development and release workflows.. Total Rewards