IT Operations Engineer at Clipboard Health

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IT Operations Engineer Clipboard Health. About the Role. We are offering an exciting opportunity to take ownership of developing a robust identity and access management (IAM) process for our fast-growing, fully remote, and globally distributed company. In this pivotal role, you will work closely with key functions such as People Operations, Legal, and Security to set up and maintain effective IAM processes. Additionally, you will play a crucial part in developing a scalable security strategy that will evolve with our company's growth.. Main Job Duties. Help configure integrations for our IT systems, including SAML, SCIM, and customer web hooks and workflows.. Maintain SSO integration process with our HRIS, Rippling. . Work alongside People Operations and our Security team to develop a robust and scalable IAM strategy, and take ownership of implementing and enforcing the processes across the company. . Evaluate and troubleshoot team members’ tech needs and provide solutions remotely via video, Slack, or through our support desk. . Respond to inbound support desk tickets and inquiries and provide technical assistance to team members, including app provisioning and troubleshooting. . Understand, organise, and manage permissions across different platforms, including Rippling, Google Workspace, and custom vendors.. Identify and solve tech problems efficiently and effectively while maintaining a positive demeanour and attitude. . Manage all platform onboarding and off boarding relating to People Operations applications and tools.. Experience. Need to Have (Skills):. Minimum 2 years experience doing IAM, ideally in a high-growth and remote environment.. Experience with SAML, SCIM, and setting up customer web hooks and workflows.. Experience building and maintaining SSO integrations.. Ability to effectively write standard operating procedures (SOPs) and maintain documentation.. Ability to work with confidential information and situations with professionalism. . Familiarity with languages like Terraform HCL and YAML. . Skilled at communication and collaboration to build trust with colleagues across teams. . Ability to make decisions independently as well as effectively explain the decision-making process to a team. . Excellent organisational and time management skills. . Experience with Google Suite and Super Admin privileges. . Need to Have (Values):. First Principles Thinking. . - We don’t follow suit and build what others are building - we build something new and better. We work backward from data, feedback, and information to create the best solution possible, even if it means starting over from scratch. We don’t do something because it’s what we have always done, or because some person or book told us we should; we do the best thing, even if it’s hard and uncomfortable. . Judgment . - You aren’t afraid to make decisions and exercise independent judgment, and when you do, you are usually right. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever make a mistake, but it does mean that you are above average when it comes to making judgment calls.   . Initiative and Resourcefulness. . - When you see an issue, you jump in and fix it. When you don’t know where to start, you lean on your intuition and judgment and just start somewhere. You work independently to achieve your goals and pull in other members of the team when necessary. You are resourceful in finding answers and solutions on your own whenever possible because that is how you learn and grow. . Integrity . - You do not share the confidential and sensitive information you have access to with others (unless given permission), and you never use that information for your own gain. We’re intellectually honest, and when we make mistakes, we raise them as quickly as possible. . Ownership. . - While you may be assigned a specific task or responsibility, you have a high sense of ownership over everything that touches People Ops. When you see an issue, you either take ownership of fixing it yourself, or you find the best person to fix it and flag it to them. We own our work to the fullest, and the buck stops with us.  . Salary . $60,000 - $120,000 depending on location and experience.. Please note: This position is exclusively open to individuals legally authorised to work within the United States.