Senior Product Designer I, Filters at HubSpot

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Senior Product Designer I, Filters HubSpot. About You. You’re looking for an environment, team, and role where you’ll thrive and do the best work of your career. That’s why, as a Senior Product Designer I on our Filters team at HubSpot:. You’ll have a “seat at the table” from Day 1. Your partners and peers know what you do, greatly value it, and expect you to have strong opinions that influence product development.. You’ll co-own a significant part of the product with your partners and you’ll all have the autonomy you need to drive its strategy and vision.. You’ll never have to guess about how to get promoted. We support you with clear expectations and career paths.. You’ll be able to work where and how you work best: at home, the office, or any mix of both. About your opportunity. The Filters platform enables product teams across HubSpot to build intuitive, contextual features that allow users to quickly and effectively navigate through vast amounts of data. This team is part of Operations Hub, our newest and fastest growing product line and responsible for high-impact product areas including Smart Segmentation, Data Preparation, Reporting, and Automation.. Join a UX team that is deeply motivated by helping our users navigate complex problems like managing data across disparate systems, using that data to understand customer behavior, and making smarter decisions about how to reach those customers effectively. We are a team of passionate, system thinkers deeply motivated by finding innovative ways to make the hardest business problems easy to solve through research informed, consumer grade experience design.. Here’s what success in your role looks like. Drive discovery, alignment, and quality for our company’s foundational data filtering tools and features with your cross-disciplinary partners, your product line, and with the many downstream product lines building atop the Filters platform. Co-create a shared vision, strategy, and prioritized long-term roadmap for the future of Filters in a truly equal partnership with product management and engineering peers. Understand your customer through quantitative and qualitative research to build use cases, customer journeys, content strategies, prototypes, interaction patterns, and visual designs. Make significant contributions to our ever-evolving . design system. , working autonomously on flexible shared components designed for high impact and rapid adoption across all HubSpot. Mentor other designers as you play an active senior role in growing HubSpot’s UX team and culture. You’ll love this role if you. Can focus on just the most important things rather than being stretched thin across everything. Put customers at the center of everything you do. Demonstrate experience in delivering successful, intuitive products with measurable customer and business impact. Thrive when collaborating on strategy and vision with partners, leaders, and across multiple teams. Can balance scope, speed, and quality to reach outcomes that drive customer success, reducing time to value and increasing retention. Have experience working with a design system to ensure big impact on high-visibility/high-usage components embedded across a variety of product contexts. Enjoy mentoring, coaching for growth, aligning on goals, and driving accountability at all levels. Have experience fostering team health, mission, and purpose. Can confidently deliver clear, direct, and actionable feedback—and ask for it in return. Share . our HEART values. and practice growth mindset. About UX at HubSpot. Our UX team is a passionate and diverse group of more than 200 product designers, content designers, researchers, and design ops folks who build consumer-grade experiences while solving enterprise-level problems. We’re set up to work as equal partners to our peers in product management and engineering. And we design and deliver a crafted experience to our customers by setting a high bar on ease of use. We’re investing deeply in building whole and healthy UX teams across all of our disciplines so we can better solve problems for our customers.. We involve our customers in every step of our development process. And we strive to deliver a B2B product that’s just as easy to use as the best B2C products on the market. When our customers grow, we grow, too!. Want to know more about product design at HubSpot?. The possibilities of “and” — prioritizing usability alongside feature growth. By the people, for the people: keeping your design system evergreen. See all HubSpot UX blog posts. One more thing you should know…. There’s a lot of research. showing how marginalized groups of people may not apply for jobs unless they meet 100% (or more!) of the qualifications. We also know that many UX folks come from backgrounds with different experiences that might not seem “standard”—and that’s okay! We really value people who bring unique perspectives and add new knowledge to our team.. But you might not feel like you “check all the boxes” as you read this job post. We get it. And we feel these things ourselves, too. But we hope you’ll apply anyway because we’ll take great care in working with you. 🧡. Confidence can sometimes hold us back from applying for a job. But we'll let you in on a secret: there's no such thing as a 'perfect' candidate. HubSpot is a place where everyone can grow. So however you identify and whatever background you bring with you, please apply if this is a role that would make you excited to come into work every day.. About HubSpot. HubSpot helps millions of organizations grow better, and we’d love to grow better with you. Our business  builds the software and systems that power the world’s small to medium-sized businesses. Our company culture builds connections, careers, and employee growth. How? By creating a workplace that values flexibility, autonomy, and transparency. If that sounds like something you’d like to be part of, we’d love to hear from you.. You can find out more about our company culture in the HubSpot. Culture Code. , which has more than 3M views, and learn about. our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. , too. Thanks to the work of every HubSpotter globally who has helped build our remarkable culture, HubSpot has been named a top workplace by Glassdoor, Fortune, Entrepreneur, and more.