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Work at Xfive Xfive. Do you want to become Xfive team member?  We're always on the lookout for some extraordinary talent to join our crew. Whether you're a coding wizard, a project management guru, a design virtuoso– we want you on board! . What's in It for You?. A Long-Term Gig:. We're all about building lasting relationships, so you can count on a long-term commitment with us.. Pay That Makes You Smile:. Our salary range is pretty nice, up to $6,000. We believe in rewarding your hard work!. Flexible Hours:. Night owl or early bird? No worries, choose the hours that work best for you. We value your work-life balance.. Rockstar Projects:. Get ready to create jaw-dropping applications that will make your friends jealous!. Global Adventures:. Work on international projects for some of the coolest clients out there.. Skills and Certifications:. We love to see our team members grow. Expect opportunities to learn new skills and get professional certifications.. Openness and Humor:. We're a bunch of open-minded, funny folks. We believe work should be fun!. Who We Want:. Web Developers:. Masters of coding world. . E-commerce Developer. : Online stores genius.  . Project Managers:. Organizational pros who keep projects on point.. Business Development Managers:. Go-getters who bring in exciting projects.. Designers:. Creative minds that know no bounds.. Mobile Developers:. App wizards who make smartphones even smarter.. Communication Skills:. You have excellent verbal and written communication skills in English, and you're not afraid to communicate with clients directly during online meetings.. Openness and Willingness to Learn:. We value individuals who are open, have a sense of humor, and are eager to learn.. Timely Delivery:. You can deliver projects on time and at a high-quality level.. Coding Excellence:. You have a consistent coding style and a passion for well-organized, clean code.