General Magic - Grants Manager Fundraiser at Giveth

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General Magic - Grants Manager Fundraiser Giveth. Who are we at General Magic?. We’re an elite squad of designers, developers, system architects, researchers, writers and seasoned Web3 professionals. Our Mission is to make magic happen! We do this by building user-centric products and supporting blockchain startups in their mission to bring positive change to society. We are dedicated to enhancing the user experience of a decentralized, censorship-resistant, and democratic internet.. Who are we at GM GM (Grants Manager at General Magic)?. Our work involves fostering symbiotic relationships between ourselves, our clients, and grant providers to create scenarios where everyone wins. Our approach is highly experimental, embracing the dynamic and complex nature of the web3 ecosystem, grant programs, and project developments.. Who are we looking for?. We're searching for an extroverted, dynamic individual passionate about connecting with people and managing relationships across various stakeholders, including clients and grant providers. You should be adept at managing relationships, comfortable in a fast-paced, experimental environment, and skilled in strategizing for mutual benefits among all parties involved. The ideal candidate will:. Proficiency in managing stakeholder communications, including multiple weekly calls and community engagement.. Strong capability in strategizing and executing plans that cater to both clients’ preferences and project developments, ensuring “win win win” scenarios. With a mindset towards creating value.. A solid understanding of the web3 space and its mechanism. Ready to immerse in grant programs and contribute to public goods and regenerative finance projects.. Skills in navigating complex environments, building trust, and making informed decisions collaboratively.. Professional level of English fluency. . Experience participating in Gitcoin rounds, RetroPGF, or any Grants program.. Job Responsibilities. Develop and implement engagement strategies to build and maintain long-term relationships with clients and grant providers.. Keep all stakeholders informed about project progress, actively participating in calls and meetings to represent GM GM’s interests.. Engage in community discussions, offer insights to improve grant programs, and support grant campaign efforts.. Evaluate the success of engagement activities, adapting strategies based on feedback and evolving project needs.. Manage a flexible schedule, accommodating different timezones to maximize stakeholder engagement and satisfaction.. Pay and Perks. Freedom of a flexible work schedule.. Work in the remote location of your choice; ideally between Europe, North America, and South America.. Stablecoin crypto payment.. Additional compensation package of tokens - reap the rewards of what you help create!. Flexible vacation time - because the personal/work life balance matters.. The ecosystem of decentralized technology is quickly expanding in Web3, Open Source, and beyond. If you value exponential professional growth and learning about new technology while contributing to the greater good; this position is for you. We look forward to meeting you!