Revenue: Account Executive at DevRev

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Revenue: Account Executive DevRev. Job Description. We are an untraditional SaaS revenue organization, built to support a rapidly scaling technology start-up driven by product-led-growth and sales (PLG / PLS). We are looking for top talents to . build. and . scale. in the . EMEA. market. Specific responsibilities for account executives include nurturing larger named accounts - SMB and mid enterprise customers - who are looking for a better way to connect with their customers and find product market fit. You will work closely with customers end-to-end throughout their lifecycle - from concept to technical requirements, implementation, adoption, expansion, and paid. . Activities related to this role will, for example, include:. Build outreach to existing rolodex and new opportunities, working with BDRs. Relentless manage customer followup and your own pipeline, against quotas. Work with our Growth team to increase product awareness. Nurture and follow up with customers to share relevant use cases, find key decision makers, and gather requirements. Guide customers through implementation plans to further adoption and drive paid conversion . Work with our Product and Engineering to share feedback and feature requests. Create content and refine scripts to support the customer journey and engagement points. Maintain pipeline data and account information in DevRev's in-house CRM. Ideal Candidate Qualifications:. Experienced Sales Executive with proven track record to SaaS, IT/ B2B technology companies, ideally with CRM Industry Knowledge. . New Business Development Skills:. Demonstrated ability to identify and pursue new business opportunities, including prospecting, cold calling, and networking to generate leads and expand the customer base. . Entrepreneurial Spirit:. A proactive and innovative approach to sales, with a mindset focused on growth, creativity, and taking ownership of outcomes. This includes a willingness to experiment with new strategies and approaches to achieve sales targets. . Strategic Thinker:. Capable of developing and executing strategic sales plans that align with company objectives and market trends. This involves analyzing market data, identifying growth opportunities, and adapting tactics accordingly. . Autonomous and Self-Motivated:. Comfortable working independently and taking initiative to drive sales initiatives forward. This includes being self-motivated to meet and exceed sales targets without constant supervision. . Passion and Commitment: . Demonstrates a strong passion for the product and industry, coupled with a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and building long-term relationships. . Risk-Taker and Resilient:. Willingness to embrace risk and overcome setbacks with resilience. Ideal candidate embodies founder's mentality, often entails a high tolerance for ambiguity and the ability to navigate uncertainty. . Customer-Centric Approach:. Prioritizes understanding customer needs and providing tailored solutions that add value and drive customer satisfaction. . Innovative Problem Solver:. Ability to think creatively to address customer challenges and differentiate the company's offerings in a competitive market. . Leadership Potential:. Exhibits leadership qualities such as vision, influence, and the ability to inspire and motivate others toward shared goals. . The ideal candidate drives immediate sales but also contributes to the overall growth and success of the business through their entrepreneurial mindset and strategic thinking.