Senior Client Success Specialist at InDebted

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Senior Client Success Specialist InDebted. About Us. InDebted is changing the world of consumer debt collection for good. We’ve disrupted the traditional debt collection industry by providing businesses with a better way to support overdue customers to get back on track. Our solution is product-led, driven by AI and ML, and places customer experience at the core.. We’re fully remote, with a team of over 300 people living and working all around the world. Founded in Australia, we’ve since expanded into the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand. We’ve doubled our revenue year over year, with significant growth on the horizon. Now is an incredible time to join the team as we continue on our mission to help millions of consumers resolve debt, better.. About the Role. As a Senior Client Success Specialist at InDebted, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring exceptional support for our clients, fostering strong relationships, and driving resolution of issues. Working closely with the Strategic Client Success Manager (CSM), you'll embody our commitment to delivering strong engagement, performance outcomes and overall satisfaction to our valued clients. Duties and Responsibilities:. Client Communication Management: Efficiently respond to client emails within designated accounts, collaborating closely with the Client Success Manager to ensure cohesive communication strategies.. Relationship Building: Cultivate trust and rapport with clients, acting as an integral extension of their team. By understanding their unique needs and challenges, you'll proactively anticipate and address concerns, fostering long-term partnerships.. Internal Support and Collaboration: Facilitate seamless coordination between internal teams, ensuring timely and effective resolution of client issues. Through proactive engagement, you'll streamline processes and enhance communication channels to optimize client experience.. Enhancement Identification and Management: Identify opportunities for process improvement and remediation across various internal functions. By collaborating cross-functionally, you'll implement enhancements to ensure smooth operations and transparent communication with clients.. Daily Client Interaction: Engage with clients on a daily basis through email correspondence and virtual meetings, showcasing exceptional written and verbal communication skills. Your ability to effectively articulate solutions and address concerns will be instrumental in maintaining client satisfaction.. Issue Resolution: Skillfully manage and address clients' concerns, employing a structured approach to identify root causes and implement effective resolutions. By acknowledging, clarifying, and resolving issues promptly, you'll uphold our commitment to being unbeatable.. Exceeding Expectations: Consistently meet and surpass client expectations and deadlines, demonstrating a proactive approach to anticipating needs and delivering results. Your dedication to excellence will contribute to the continued success and satisfaction of our clients.. Key Capabilities. Self-Motivation and Resourcefulness: Demonstrate self-motivation, organization, and resourcefulness, essential for delivering top-tier service to clients. Your critical thinking and problem-solving skills will be instrumental in navigating complex client needs.. Remote Work Capability: Showcase proficiency in working effectively in a remote environment, maintaining a dedicated and professional workspace conducive to productivity. Your ability to thrive remotely will ensure seamless client support regardless of location.. Customer/Client Service Experience: Possess a minimum of 2 years of experience in customer/client service, highlighting your proven track record of delivering exceptional support and building lasting client relationships.. Strong Organizational Skills: Exhibit strong organizational skills, enabling you to manage tasks efficiently and prioritize effectively in a dynamic client-focused environment.. Confidentiality and Discretion: Maintain high levels of discretion and confidentiality, recognizing the sensitive nature of client interactions and information.. Cross-Functional Collaboration: Foster strong support and interaction within the organization and across all departments, emphasizing collaboration and teamwork to achieve collective goals and client success.. Proficiency with Tools: Demonstrate a high level of proficiency with tools such as Slack, Excel, Word, Front, and other web-based platforms. Your adeptness with these tools will facilitate seamless client interactions and task completion.. Multitasking Ability: Successfully manage multitasking demands, balancing client interactions and internal collaboration to ensure efficient resolution of client issues and fulfillment of organizational objectives.. Adaptability to Fast-Paced Environments: Thrive in a fast-paced team environment, showcasing adaptability and resilience in meeting evolving client needs and organizational priorities.. Knowledge of Debt Collection Regulations (US): Familiarity with debt collection regulations in the United States is a plus, demonstrating an understanding of industry-specific compliance requirements and enhancing your ability to support clients effectively.. What does success look like?. Proficiency Across Clientele: Mastered the ability to perform expected job duties across all clientele, demonstrating comprehensive understanding and adaptability in meeting diverse client needs and requirements.. Efficient Request Management: Developed the capability to quickly manage incoming client requests with finesse and efficiency, ensuring prompt resolution and client satisfaction.. Leadership in Client Interactions: Advanced to lead selected client interactions, showcasing leadership and expertise in driving revenue growth and increasing client satisfaction. Your proactive approach and strategic insights will contribute to strengthening client relationships and achieving mutual success.. Our Benefits . Recognised by the AFR as Australia's Best Place to Work in 2022, the benefits of life at InDebted include:. Flexible working. - We’re a global, fully remote team passionate about making work, work for you. Employee equity. - Access to share options in something big. Flexible paid leave. - Our trust-based leave model enables you to choose when you take leave, how much you take, and what you take it for. Uprise . - Our EAP Provider supports your physical, social & psychological wellbeing. Remote work set-up. - Budget of AUD $750 (or local equivalent) to help you create a working environment that supports your productivity. At InDebted, we respect and celebrate the unique attributes, characteristics, and perspectives that make each person who they are. We also believe that bringing diverse individuals together allows us to build better products and a better overall company. InDebted is an Equal Opportunity Employer.. For Recruiters: We appreciate the interest of all candidates and recruitment agencies, however for this role we are managing this hiring process internally and will not be accepting applications through recruitment agencies. Thank you