Developer Advocate at Synapse International

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Developer Advocate Synapse International. COMPANY OVERVIEW. At . GrowthBook. , we are building an open source feature flagging and A/B testing platform. If you love the engineering challenges faced by large tech companies, but want the ownership and flexibility of a small startup, then GrowthBook is for you.. We are a small team, distributed across the US, and backed by YCombinator and Khosla Ventures. We’re helping companies release code quickly and confidently while measuring the impact of what they launch.. As an open source company, we are focused on bottom-up adoption and building a product that engineers love to use. We have an amazing open source community on Slack that gives us constant feedback, feature requests, and ideas. GrowthBook is already used in production by hundreds of companies and we’re just getting started!. POSITION OVERVIEW. Some of the problems you’ll be working on. Dev Tools Extension. We have a simple Chrome extension that lets developers quickly test feature flags on their websites, but there is so much we could add to turn it into a world-class developer experience.. Technical Content. GrowthBook supports dozens of different databases, programming languages, and frameworks. We want every developer to have relevant documentation, tutorials, and example code for their unique tech stack so they can start using GrowthBook quickly.. Community Engagement. We have a thriving open source Slack community and want to continue growing and engaging our users. This may involve organizing meetups and talks, running hack weeks and contests, and speaking at conferences.. Requirements. Previous experience in an engineering or developer advocate role. Track record of published technical content and/or public speaking. Fluent English and good communication skills. Startup experience or interest working in a small company. Bonus: Contributed to an open-source project. Bonus: Fluent in multiple programming languages