Engineering Manager at Zepz

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Engineering Manager Zepz. As an Engineering Manager, you will be accountable for both the technical and delivery outcomes of your team. In the role of an Engineering Manager (EM) you will find yourself increasingly more focussed on being a leader rather than a maker. Your ultimate responsibility is for your team's delivery by ensuring the productivity, progression and wellbeing of your team members, honing team processes, and managing impediments to current deliverables. You will also find yourself at the forefront of culture and through your management and behavior clearly establish what is expected from every engineer. . We expect our EMs to have a strong development background and a key strength in system design. You will not be expected to code regularly, instead you will constantly monitor and help your team/s improve their technical prowess, be it in solution design, platform design, code and data quality and most importantly the security of delivered software.. What you will own:. You will be in charge of managing a team responsible for delivering the company's alternative sources of revenue. This team, called RemittancePlus, consists of iOS and Android mobile engineers, as well as Python backend engineers. It is the hub of the company, essentially a startup within the startup. You will collaborate with multiple cross-organizational teams to manage numerous high-velocity projects simultaneously.. What will be expected from you:. Technical skills:. Candidates must have experience as a technical lead. The role involves collaborating with engineers, project managers, and other engineering managers to provide technical leadership for our engineering team. You should provide technical estimates to our product managers and be able to offer priority suggestions based on technical knowledge. You should also be comfortable with running SQL and providing analytical data to our product team as necessary. Having experience with Kubernetes is a plus.. People management skills:. Candidates must have experience as a people manager. The role requires providing constant feedback to the team, as we work at a high velocity. Effective communication and feedback are essential. The ability to identify issues and take immediate action is also required.. Project management skills:. Candidates must have the ability to lead a team to deliver features on time, create clear technical stories, and unblock engineers.. Technologies:. Backend services: Python, Java (SpringBoot and SpringCloud). Mobile apps: Nnative apps;  iOS-SwiftUI, Android-Kotlin. We have both React Native and Native mobile apps for our different brands . Public Cloud: AWS and GCP. CI/CD tooling: CircleCI, ArgoCD, Jenkins, AzDO. Container orchestration: Kubernetes. IaC: Terraform. API Gateway and Service Mesh Architecture. Databases: PostgreSQL, NoSQL