Preconfirmations Senior Engineer at Nethermind

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Preconfirmations Senior Engineer Nethermind. About Switchboard. Our focus is on building a preconfirmation platform to unlock near-instant confirmations for users on Ethereum L1, based rollups, and beyond. We are putting together a highly-motivated team of builders and researchers to develop, test, and innovate with. As a Nethermind product team, we will have access to Nethermind’s wealth of expertize, both as an industry leader in product development. . Responsibilities. :. Lead research and development efforts in the areas of preconfirmations and block-building.. Design and architect innovative solutions around MEV and improve the Ethereum block-building pipeline.. Collaborate with our team of researchers to integrate advanced cryptographic techniques and cutting-edge MEV strategies.. Implement and test production-ready code that pushes the boundaries of what's possible in the MEV space.. Contribute to the overall technical strategy and roadmap for our MEV-related initiatives.. Engage with the Ethereum and MEV communities to share insights, gather feedback, and drive the adoption of our solutions.. Skills:. Deep expertise in Rust or Go programming languages.. Strong understanding of Ethereum, MEV, and the block-building process.. Proven experience designing and implementing complex systems using advanced cryptography.. Excellent problem-solving and debugging skills, with a keen eye for optimizing performance.. Strong communication and collaboration abilities, with experience working in cross-functional teams.. Passion for the Ethereum ecosystem and a drive to build groundbreaking solutions.. Nice to have:. Previous experience working on MEV-related projects or Ethereum infrastructure.. Familiarity with Layer 2 scaling solutions and their architectures.. Contributions to relevant open-source projects in the blockchain space.. Experience with DevOps practices and CI/CD pipelines.. Track record of shipping successful products in a fast-paced environment.