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Contributing Faculty - Undergraduate Studies (English) Adtalem Global Education. Company Description. Walden University is a member of Adtalem Global Education (NYSE: ATGE). More than 50 years ago, Walden University was founded to support adult learners in achieving their academic goals and making a greater impact in their professions and communities. Students from across the U.S. and more than 115 countries are pursuing a certificate, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree online at Walden. The university offers more than 100 online degree and certificate programs. Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, For more information, please visit and Job Description. Walden’s values and mission .  . Students and faculty choose Walden because of our commitment to social change. We keep our values in mind with every action we take. We are a teaching institution. Online higher education is our specialty; we were early pioneers in this field.  . We are committed to developing a community of care through inclusive teaching and learning in all our academic endeavors, using a framework of shared accountability to enhance and advance the equitable health and wellbeing of communities, systems, and organizations. We value the inherent worth, humanity, and dignity of every individual engaged in the learning process.   . Our students .  . Walden is a broad-access institution offering degrees at the bachelors’, masters’, and doctoral levels. Our undergraduate population is 80% female, 44% white, 36% black, with 10% identifying as Hispanic or Latino. We proudly embrace our LGBTQIAA+, (dis)abled, and first-generation college students, working parents and caregivers, as well as military veterans, and the unique cultural, linguistic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds of all our students. Walden students are between 25 and 75 years old with 34% falling in the 30-39 age demographic.  . Most importantly, we acknowledge the impact of intersectionality on the lives of our students, and we strive to provide community, support, and rigor tailored to the individuals that are our students.   . School of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Studies . The School of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Studies houses Undergraduate General Education courses as well as the B.S. in Communications. We meet students where they are and accompany them as they work towards their academic goals. Our philosophy is that we are all lifelong learners. As such, we understand the challenges of balancing life and learning and support our students as they pursue their academic and professional goals because we are doing the same.  . Essential Duties and Responsibilities . Walden provides undergraduate instruction in two modalities; course based with 6 week terms and competency based using a subscription model. Faculty start teaching in the course based modality before potentially adding the competency based modality on an as needed basis. All modalities are asynchronous.  . Contributing Faculty manage their own time to fulfill their responsibilities. We value the experience you bring with you and want to make sure your voice is heard as policies and initiatives take shape and find implementation.  . Provide Course instruction as assigned . Engage in classrooms at least 5 days a week. . Facilitate and engage in discussion boards. . Assess student work and provide substantive feedback in a timely fashion. . Be available to students via video chat or phone as needed. . Occasional additional duties may include: . Course content development . Service on university and school committees, and school initiatives as needed. . Establish an accessible and supportive virtual classroom environment.  . Collaborate with colleagues and supervisors sharing experience and observations. . Training . All new faculty members receive specific training from Walden University in the techniques of online teaching: use of the Learning Management System (LMS), specifics of the policies, procedures, and degree programs in which they are going to teach; socialization int the Walden University culture; assessment of academic integrity of student work including use of and acceptable use of AI. A faculty peer mentor is appointed at the start of the first teaching assignment to provide mentorship and establish collegiality.  . Qualifications. Advanced degrees and scholarship will get you in the door, but your commitment to working with students will get you the job and keep you going when challenges arise.   . What our students say about our faculty:  .   . “Finding a professor who works hard to make a positive impact on the overall lives of their students is a rare blessing. I am fortunate to have been one of your students.”  . Process  . When applying, be prepared to upload your CV, as well as a cover letter describing your experiences with students, including challenges and successes. While your teaching philosophy is important, your individuality and experience with students is of most interest to us. We ask that you include a description of an experience you may have had as a student yourself that informs your approach to teaching today. We welcome applications from faculty at all career stages.  . Qualifications . This post is for Contributing Faculty serving the School of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Studies. We are looking for faculty in the following disciplines: . Science: Biology, Nutrition, Anatomy, Earth Science . English: Composition, Professional Writing, Creative Writing . Humanities/Social Sciences: History, Sociology, Philosophy, Popular Culture . Qualified candidates will possess: . Demonstrated commitment to fostering empowerment and providing support for adult learners.    . Experience with and dedication to serving a diverse population of adult learners who manage multiple responsibilities while pursuing education.    . Experience working collaboratively with faculty and staff to effectively support a positive student experience.  . Completion of appropriate advanced degrees along with experience in the field and/or academia.  . Experience with building and fostering communities in online environments. Online teaching experience is assumed. . Documented contribution to research, thought leadership, and/or scholarship is valued in applicants, as well as participation in community organizations, organizational leadership, and social change initiatives.    . Additional Information. In support of the pay transparency laws enacted across the country, the expected compensation rate for this position is as follows:. Graduate Course Instruction: $1,560 - $4,080 per Quarter or Semester, depending on type of course taught and length of course. Undergraduate Course Instruction: $700 - $2,200 per quarter, depending on type of course taught and length of course Actual pay may be adjusted based on job-related factors permitted by law, such as type of course taught; experience and training; geographic location; licensure and certifications; market factors; departmental budgets; and responsibility. Walden also offers other opportunities for its contributing faculty members, such as dissertation/doctoral study committee chair positions, research reviewing, and dissertation and doctoral study mentoring. Our Talent Acquisition Team will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and we look forward to learning more about your salary requirements..  .  . Equal Opportunity – Minority / Female / Disability / V / Gender Identity / Sexual Orientation.