AI Research Scientist at Phaidra

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AI Research Scientist Phaidra. Who You Are. Research Scientists at Phaidra lead our efforts in developing novel algorithmic architecture towards the end goal of bringing intelligent control systems to industrial sector.. Having pioneered research in the world's leading academic and industrial labs as PhDs, post-docs or professors, Research Scientists join Phaidra to work collaboratively within and across research fields.. Drawing on expertise from a variety of disciplines including reinforcement learning, deep learning, robotics and multi-agent reinforcement learning, our Research Scientists are at the forefront of groundbreaking research and applying them to real-world.. **We are seeking a team member located in one of the following areas: the UK, Norway, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, the US, or Canada.. Responsibilities. Design, implement and evaluate models, agents and software prototypes of perceptual processing.. Report and present research findings and developments including status and results clearly and efficiently both internally and externally, verbally and in writing.. Participate in and organize ambitious collaborative research projects.. Work with external collaborators and maintain relationships with relevant research labs and key individuals as appropriate.. Mentor and guide Research Engineers to apply research findings and developments to industrial domains.. Key Qualifications. PhD in a technical field or equivalent practical experience, with demonstrated knowledge in one of the following:. Reinforcement Learning. Deep Learning. Control Theory. Multi-Agent RL. Extensive research in the fields of {ModelBased, ModelFree, Safe}RL, Control Theory.. Share our company values: curiosity, ownership, transparency & directness, outcome-based performance, and customer empathy.. Preferred Skills & Experience. PhD in machine learning. Relevant experience to the position.. A proven track record of publications.. A real passion for AI and applying to industrial systems to improve resource efficiency.. Our Stack. Python. PyTorch, scipy. Kubernetes, Docker, Ray. GCP. Onboarding. In your first 30 days.... You will be immersed in an onboarding program that introduces you to Phaidra and our product.. You will spend time in the research team and get introduced to the different tracks of research that we perform.. You will learn how other teams operate, interact, and approach problems.. You will read various parts of our handbook and familiarize yourself with the documentation culture at Phaidra.. You will set up your development environment and get introduced to various parts of our code base.. By your first 60 days.... You will have a solid understanding of what Phaidra does and how we do it.. You will have met with team members across Phaidra and started building relationships that will help you be successful at your job.. You will have a good understanding of our research tracks, which allowed you to form a plan for your first project, or maybe, you have already started one.. By your first 90 days.... You will have been fully integrated in the team and with team members across the company.. You will have started to contribute to knowledge sharing throughout Phaidra.. Your project is in full swing and you might have some early results already.. General Interview Process. All of our interviews are held via Google Meet, and an active camera connection is required.. Initial screening interview with a People Operations team member (30 minutes). Meeting with Hiring Manager (30 minutes). Meeting with Research team member (60 minutes). Meeting with Research team member (60 minutes). Culture fit interview with Phaidra’s co-founders (30 minutes). Base Salary. UK Residents: £56,000-£91,200/year. Canada Residents: CA$83,200-CA$138,000/year. US Residents: $68,800-$135,600/year. Salary ranges for other countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Ireland) will vary based on the market rate for the location.. This position will also include equity.. These are best faith estimates of the base salary range for this position. Multiple factors such as experience, education, level, and location are taken into account when determining compensation..