Automotive Account Executive at Canopy Connect

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Automotive Account Executive Canopy Connect. Canopy Connect is the leading insurance infrastructure provider. Our 1-click solution enables businesses to instantly and securely receive comprehensive insurance information from a prospect. . Companies use Canopy Connect to verify and track personal and commercial insurance. Fast. Directly from the source of truth. There are many businesses in the automotive industry that need to verify insurance, including car dealerships, lenders, OEMs, delivery networks, transportation networks, car rental companies, fleets and gig economy companies.. Before we came along, there was no platform for exchanging verified insurance information. For this reason, insurance verification was time-consuming and error-prone. Car buyers and dealers had to go through many steps. Calling, faxing, emailing to get information from the insurance carrier to the dealership. It is an incredibly important step because it helps verify the buyer’s identity and the buyer can't legally drive their vehicle off the lot without proving it was insured.  Not properly verifying insurance is risky because it opens a dealership up to legal issues, financial loss from fines for releasing uninsured vehicles as well as being held liable for accidents. . It also kill deals. Manual verification caused frustration & delays because it slowed down sales and annoyed customers. Companies in the automotive industry buy the Canopy Connect platform so car buyers can quickly and securely verify their insurance. For the dealer, this minimizes the potential for fraud and creates cross-sell opportunities. It’s now three easy steps:. 1. Consumer connects their insurance carrier. In the online purchase process, the buyer selects their insurance carrier and signs in.. 2. The insurance data is shared from the insurance carrier to the dealer in seconds via a secure API connection. This includes verified policy information, vehicle data, driver information, claims history, and PDFs of declarations pages. . 3. The dealership staff can review and verify insurance policy details. They Use this information to verify a buyer's insurance coverage and add F&I cross-sell opportunities into the online buying process.. Canopy Connect’s technology can pull more than 250 data fields from the insurance carrier—we are able to securely retrieve rich data from 96% of the US auto insurance market. And we do it fast—5.6 seconds on average. In online vehicle purchases, the speed at which Canopy Connect can share insurance information is critical, because people are busy and time kills deals. . The result is faster converting car buyers and secure transactions that reduce the risk of fraud and compliance issues down the line for dealerships.. As Canopy Connect's Automotive Account Executive, you'll build and scale our enterprise sales operations and partnerships with national and regional companies in the automotive industry. This role is remote, and you can be located anywhere in the US. The ideal candidate is an early-stage GTM expert with proven quota-carrying experience selling SaaS software to companies in the automotive industry, who we can build a team around.. What we're building. Every business that deals with insurance information has a tedious process of collecting it. They use long forms, phone calls and emails to collect the information they need to understand their prospects and customers. Canopy Connect is changing that. With our consumer consent-driven data model, an individual is able to instantly and securely share a copy of their insurance information with a business. Which means that our customers, business owners across America, can focus on the reasons they started their business in the first place, instead of spending so much time trying to collect the information they need to understand and onboard their customers.. The Role. Automotive Account Executives at Canopy Connect sell the company’s Agency and API products to car dealerships, lenders, OEMs, delivery networks, transportation networks, car rental companies, fleets and gig economy companies. Your role is to identify, engage and close new business opportunities to companies in the automotive industry.. Qualifications. Proven quota-carrying experience selling SaaS software to companies in the automotive industry. Demonstrated ability to lead customers from discovery to close in highly complex sales that involve technical scoping, infosec, legal and regulatory compliance reviews.. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.. Demonstrated ability to run a consultative sales process.. Proficiency with sales tools (e.g. CRM, Lead Management, Software).. Bonus. : Deep industry knowledge in the automotive, lending, fleet, gig economy or mobility industries. . Bonus. : Programming experience in any language and experience with SQL databases. . Duties. Build pipeline through a combination of phone, email and social media outreach.. Convert prospects into customers through:. Thoughtful discovery conversations with prospects that feel more like consulting and less like sales.. Responsive, articulate communications, especially in written form. Hands on involvement with pilots to ensure conversion to production contracts. Creating and seeking approval from Canopy Connect management on pricing packages that meet prospect needs. Expand ARR with existing customers through:. Hands-on involvement with production project success. Deep understanding of customers needs and how Canopy Connect’s existing and upcoming products meet those needs. Prepare all materials and strategy for sales meetings that includes agendas, scripts, presentation materials and demos (as required).. Write thought leadership pieces or posts to elevate Canopy Connect’s brand.. Attend tradeshows to meet with prospects and industry partners.