Strategy Analyst at MrBeast

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Strategy Analyst MrBeast. Strategy Analyst. Position Overview. The Strategy Analyst focuses on extracting insights to inform business strategies. This role requires a blend of technical expertise, analytical skills, and strategic thinking to support our data-driven initiatives. The ideal candidate will possess a strong background in database management, data analysis, and research, combined with the ability to visualize and present data effectively.. Key Responsibilities:. Database Management:. Execute weekly and monthly data extraction using MySQL databases.. Proficiently work with Azure Database Technologies, including the setup and maintenance of data ETL pipelines using Logic Apps or Logic Functions.. Data Analysis and Visualization:. Apply intermediate proficiency in Python to develop and run scripts for data scraping and API data extraction.. Conduct basic data analysis using regression and forecasting techniques to derive actionable insights.. Create aesthetically pleasing and informative data visualizations, tables, and graphs to effectively communicate findings.. Research and Strategy Development:. Employ strong research skills to perform deep dives into various topics, synthesizing online resources and providing comprehensive reports.. Leverage experience to present data and insights in a compelling and persuasive manner.. Required Qualifications:. Technical Skills:. Proficiency in MySQL for database management and data extraction.. Experience with Azure Database Technologies, specifically in setting up ETL pipelines with Logic Apps or Logic Functions.. Intermediate proficiency in Python for scripting and automation.. Analytical Skills:. Basic knowledge of data analysis techniques, including regression and time series forecasting.. Strong ability in data visualization and presenting complex data in an accessible format.. Research Skills:. Demonstrated experience in conducting in-depth research using online resources.. Experience conducting surveys is a plus. Additional Skills:. Attention to detail and a high degree of accuracy in work.. Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to think critically.. Strong organizational and project management abilities.. Preferred Qualifications:. Prior experience working in a fast-paced, data-driven environment.. Familiarity with other programming or scripting languages.. Advanced proficiency in additional data visualization tools (e.g., Tableau, Power BI).