Senior - Staff Fullstack Engineer at Linear

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Senior - Staff Fullstack Engineer Linear. At Linear, we are on a mission to bring magic back to software. To empower product teams to do their best work, we are building an issue tracking and project management tool that combines UI elegance with world-class performance. Founded in 2019, Linear has become the platform of choice for thousands of high-impact companies to build their products better.. Linear was set up as a fully remote company from the start. Today, our small but mighty team is distributed across North America and Europe. What unites us is relentless focus, fast execution, and our passion for software craftsmanship. We are all makers at heart and care deeply about the quality of our work.. As a small team, we’re all generalists and constantly picking up new challenges. When it comes to code, we’re looking to work with experienced people who can pick a problem and solve it. We use TypeScript and build scalable systems so we can continuously make progress on a solid foundation. We don’t expect you to have a background in everything we use, but we do expect strong JavaScript fundamentals and a background working with React and TypeScript.. Please note: We are an equal opportunity employer and remote-only company. At this time, we can only hire in most European timezones for this role.. What you'll do. Build new user-facing features with everything from database models to GraphQL resolvers and UI components. Optimize our data synchronization stack by applying better serialization protocols. Add real-time collaborative editing to our content editor. Improve performance by profiling and tweaking virtualized list rendering. Add analytics, monitoring, and alerts to our service so that we can better respond to operational incidents. Open-source any non-trivial innovations that come out of our work on the product. Redefine best-in-class software development processes so that we can build an opinionated product. Tech. React frontend with Styled Components, utilizing hooks for the composability of functionality. Proprietary data synchronization library built for speed and offline support. Delta-packets are transported using WebSockets. MobX for binding the data model to the UI. Prosemirror-based content editor. Electron desktop application. Public GraphQL API that has access to all of the user's data. Node, Postgres. ,. and Redis in the backend. Hosted on Google Cloud with k8s. GitHub, Slack, Notion. Design system with React component library. What we offer. Interesting and challenging work. Work-life balance. Competitive salary and equity. Employee-friendly equity terms (extended exercise). Paid lunch and coffee during workdays. Work remotely, no commuting to the office. Paid co-working space/desk at an office. Health, dental, and vision insurance (based on country requirements). Regular team events and off-sites. 5 weeks of paid vacation. 4 months of paid parental leave. Learn how we think and work. A story about our mission: . Read Me. Building our teams: . Why and how we do work trials at Linear. Accel Series B blog post: . Building for Quality: Our Investment in Linear. The technology behind our real-time sync engine from . a talk by our cofounder Tuomas