C/C++ developer at WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

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C/C++ developer WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.. About the Position. :. Join the antivirus kernel team at WatchGuard, a group of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in C/C++ programming on various operating system APIs and expertise in detecting and blocking suspicious activities by malware applications and potential system intrusions. Leveraging this knowledge, we develop a robust framework that underpins our protective technologies, designed to identify, notify, and neutralize potential threats on the systems we safeguard. We are looking for a proficient C/C++ developer with experience in Linux and/or macOS to enhance our team’s capabilities.. A Day in the Life. :. Your day will start with a daily stand-up meeting where team members discuss their current projects and progress. This cooperative session allows for feedback and collaborative direction on ongoing developments. Post-meeting, tasks for the day are outlined, enabling focused work on enhancements or issues raised. Supportive team interactions, including consultations, clarifications, or pair programming sessions, are encouraged throughout the day. We employ a scrum methodology, aiming for bi-weekly deliverables that meet high standards of code clarity, performance, and functional quality.. Responsibilities:. Independently develop new features as requested.. Produce efficient, clear, and self-documenting code.. Make informed decisions regarding software architecture.. Design and develop communication interfaces (APIs) between modules.. Collaborate effectively, providing assistance and advice to team members.. Requirements:. Deep understanding of C/C++ programming languages.. Proficient with source control tools such as TFS and GIT.. Familiarity with programming APIs for Windows, Linux, and macOS.. Previous experience in cybersecurity and threat detection is highly valuable.. Fluent in Spanish and English.