Staff iOS Engineer at Eventbrite, Inc.

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Staff iOS Engineer Eventbrite, Inc.. THE CHALLENGE. Eventbrite is a people-first organization. Our goal of building the global platform for live experience relies on the foundation of top talent and strong company culture. Our team is the face of Eventbrite, and we’re charged with finding, attracting, and bringing on the best of the best to drive Eventbrite’s growing business and award-winning culture forward. Hiring the best talent globally is no easy feat. However, we have a talented team who has an inspiring story and mission. Our perfect candidate is someone who can connect that vision and story with top-notch talent..  . THE TEAM. We're a people-focused Engineering organization:  the women and men on our team value working together in small teams to solve big problems, supporting an active culture of mentorship and inclusion, and committing themselves to learn new things daily. Pair programming, weekly demos, tech talks, and quarterly hackathons are at the core of how we’ve built our team and product. We believe in engaging with the community, regularly hosting free events with some of the top technical speakers, and actively contributing to open source software. The members of our team tackle big problems through small group collaboration. Our technology spans across web, mobile, APIs, big data and machine learning, search, as well as physical point of sale and ticket scanning systems. Specifically for mobile we have 4 apps (Organizer and Attendee apps for both worlds, iOS and Android).. Our engineering teams own their services and systems end to end from requirements gathering to deployment to maintenance. Team members follow an on-call rotation to ensure any issues are mitigated immediately and root causes are rectified..  . THE ROLE. As an iOS Engineer specializing in the Organizer iOS App, you will be an integral part of our product team, working collaboratively with fellow engineers, product managers, and designers. Your primary responsibility will be the development and enhancement of features for the Organizer iOS App, with the objective of continually improving user experience and engagement. This role offers the opportunity to build new features, optimize performance, and implement best practices. . You'll work directly with product management, product design, and other engineers to gain a deep understanding of how our users explore our inventory, and you will build the systems to most effectively satisfy their needs. You will be joining a team that has a fully Swift codebase and it is moving to an architecture driven by SwiftUI, Combine, and The Composable Architecture..  . THE TECH STACK. Our iOS application is developed using the Composable Architecture (TCA) framework and is coded in Swift. We have integrated Stripe for seamless payment processing and several third-party SDKs to facilitate efficient barcode and QR code scanning. We utilize CircleCI pipelines for building, running test automation, and deploying the application.. Our back-end infrastructure is primarily built with Python and Django, deployed on Amazon AWS with a MySQL database. We are currently developing our own mobile backend for frontend using TypeScript and Node.js.. In addition to these technologies, we utilize a range of tools to support our development and operations, including Git for version control, Datadog or Splunk for monitoring and logging, and PagerDuty for incident management..  . THE SKILL SET. You have proven experience as a native iOS developer, specializing in building highly performant apps using Swift. You possess a thorough understanding of various architectural styles and have a proven track record of revamping and optimizing them. You demonstrate a problem-solving attitude and maintain high standards for code quality. You are eager to learn new technologies and adept at using the right tools to effectively address complex issues. You communicate proposals and technical concepts clearly, highlighting their benefits for our customers, and ensuring alignment and collaboration among team members and stakeholders. You can align on goals and timelines with product, design, and engineering teams, and work independently when needed to meet those goals. You are capable of writing clear and concise technical documentation. You have experience with CI/CD and automated release processes.. You excel at architecting UI features cleanly and effectively.. You possess knowledge of design patterns and adhere to market software standards..  . WHAT WILL YOU BE DOING?. First week. You will hear a lot about the product, the tech stack and also about the company. . You meet your team, set up your environment and start knowing the code around the Organizer iOS App features. . You will probably be sharing some time pair programming with other team members. . First month. You understand the team processes and ceremonies, know the roadmap and you have clear what are our key metrics. . Your first pull request has been merged and your first code is in production. You are officially onboard. . You participate in team refinements and collaborate with other team members in planning a feature implementation. . After three months. You are used to our product and you are able to start driving projects. . Delivering code to production and monitoring features implemented is your daily responsibility and you feel comfortable with that. . You participate in the design and development of new features, writing documents and proposing improvements on our domain. . Help the team to improve by actively participating in team meetings such as retrospectives, planings and refinements. . You mentor people in the team and influence them. .  . WHAT DO WE LIKE ABOUT YOU?. You are a visionary pragmatist, possessing a unique combination of deep technical expertise, strategic vision, and a collaborative mindset.. You have extensive experience working on high-demand, high-traffic projects.. You have a passion for product development and look forward to participating in product refinements.. Your strong technical skills and proactive problem-solving abilities set you apart.. You maintain an excellent balance between technical excellence and time-to-market considerations.. You enjoy having a holistic view of the entire software development process, actively participating in infrastructure, backend, and frontend development.. You are passionate about learning and mentoring others, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.. You possess effective networking skills and actively participate in technical events to stay current with industry trends and innovations.