Account Manager at Dropbox

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Account Manager Dropbox. Role Description. The role of an Account Manager serves as the sales interface for our existing accounts, maintaining strong relationships with customers and sales partners. . Responsible for collaborating with key internal teams (customer-facing technical departments, customer success, and various internal back-office teams), the Account Manager takes on the responsibility of expanding business with assigned clients. . By building trust with existing accounts, proposing appropriate utilization of services, understanding customer issues, and providing resolution proposals, the Account Manager enhances customer satisfaction.. As Dropbox celebrates its 17th year since its founding, it enters a new phase as an AI-first company, envisioning a second era of innovation. Considering the value that can be delivered to customers through new Dropbox solutions, the Account Manager engages in daily dialogues with accounts to identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. . Proactively collaborating with the global counterparts in the same position, there is also the potential for building a robust career in future sales.. We are seeking individuals with the ability to enhance and maintain good relationships with customers, intuitive insights into business, strong problem-solving skills, energy, and a commitment to long-term success. Join us if you are someone who can contribute to the improvement of customer relations and thrive in the business, offering a lasting impact.. Responsibilities. Build deeper trust with existing clients and understand and resolve their business challenges.. Always approach clients with sincerity, striving to comprehend and understand their business as well as industry challenges. Propose solutions to these challenges, actively contributing to building a trusting relationship with clients. Activities will be conducted with a focus not only on knowledge of Dropbox services but also on how they can contribute to improving client operations.. Maintain long-term and continuous relationships with clients.. It is essential to engage in activities that allow for the sustained maintenance of positive relationships with clients, adopting a mindset of learning from clients while being aware of the ever-changing business environment. Simultaneously, regular information exchange with stakeholders such as sales outlets is crucial, conducting transparent activities to uphold favorable relationships with all those associated with the client. . Pipeline management and account plan creation and maintenance.. In addition to maintaining and expanding renewal contracts, devise and implement upselling and cross-selling activities while considering clients' business challenges. Engage in continuous activities such as identifying improvement points.. Formation and maintenance of a strong team centered around the customer.. Build strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders centered around the customer. Internally, establish clear goal setting and delineation of responsibilities to ensure appropriate support from each team. Agree and implement fair action items in response to these goals and responsibilities.. Self-starter. We are seeking individuals who do not wait for things to happen but consistently express their ideas and thoughts. We value individuals who proactively engage with others, fostering a constructive atmosphere.. Requirements. Over 7 years of direct sales experience in the IT industry, with more than 5 years dedicated to building continuous relationships with clients.. Experience in creating and executing account plans over multiple years while understanding the client's business.. Proven experience in understanding client business operations and goals, proposing, delivering, and improving value from technology, all from the client's perspective (customer-oriented problem-solving skills and analytical thinking).. Strong commitment to achieving numerical targets, with a passion for involving the necessary departments and individuals.. Proactive communication with colleagues both at headquarters and abroad, demonstrating the ability to collect and share information.. Ability to visualize and analyze problems based on data, and construct logical solutions.. Experience in pipeline management and forecasting using Salesforce.. Fluent in Japanese and English. Preferred Qualifications. Sales experience in the media industry.. Sales experience with central government, local governments, and similar industries.. Proven success in utilizing sales tactics such as SPIN, MEDDIC, DISC, etc., to achieve results.