Senior Engineering Manager at Recharge Payments

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Senior Engineering Manager Recharge Payments. Overview. The R&D team at Recharge is responsible for driving high difficulty projects and new product development to reality. Our current project is a no-code orchestration tool that allows merchants to set up marketing experiences, reduce churn, manage customer touchpoints, and measure the results of their activity. This product is critical for Recharge’s long-term success and that of our merchant customers in their quest to optimize customer lifetime value and connect various services. You will help the team bring this young product to full maturity as it scales to an increasing number of merchants, adding new features and addressing scalability challenges as we grow.. As an engineering manager you will:. Drive teams to succeed in the dynamic engineering environment of e-commerce. Work collaboratively with product counterparts and Recharge leadership to pragmatically develop products, regularly balancing market needs with engineering realities. Guide the team through their own career development as the organization scales. Apply your own knowledge and experience to work through engineering challenges . About You. Execution. : You want to get things done. You’re energized by getting product in front of customers, and prefer an iterative approach with regular deliveries to your stakeholders versus all-at-once major releases. You hold yourself and your team accountable for shipping regularly. You understand merchant feedback is key in building the right thing and are flexible to handle changes in direction. . Engineering excellence: . You have experience leading teams in a variety of contexts, working with frontend, backend, infrastructure, and data. You’re confident reviewing your team’s PRs, discussing optimization strategies with them, and getting into the details as needed to make sure a high-quality product goes out the door.. Communication:. You are a sound communicator across multiple mediums, including in-person, video, chat, and written documentation. You understand that a major part of your role as a manager is listening to others, synthesizing information, making decisions, and effectively communicating those decisions to others.. Pragmatic:. You productively work with your leadership, your product counterparts, and your team to deal with the realities on the ground on a day-to-day basis. You know plans change and markets change, and you believe you have what it takes to respond effectively to them.. People management:. Your presence levels up the team. You help other engineers make sound decisions, improve the way they collaborate with others, and stretch themselves. You set high standards on hiring because you know every hire changes the chemistry of the team, and you want your teams to consistently be improving.. Kindness and respect: . You believe that there’s a right way to be a leader, and it comes from having respect for yourself, your team, your leaders, and your stakeholders. You trust your team to succeed, and when you need to give tough feedback, you do so in a direct, candid way that respects and elevates the recipient. You expect this same behavior from your own leadership.  . Ambitious:. You’re not going to be content in an engineering manager role forever. You want to succeed, and you want to do the right things to succeed with us. You’re looking for a role where you can make a meaningful impact, because you know that’s the ticket upward.. Bonus Experience:. Experience building configurable workflow engines. Experience in e-commerce