Product Manager - Core Experience at Figma

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Product Manager - Core Experience Figma. The Core Experience team within Figma Editor delivers the main features that designers use every single day. We are responsible for a broad scope within the heart of our design tool —. typography/fonts. , vector graphics,. layout. , import/export, as well as the overall UI for the entire editor. We also work on key features that span multiple teams like . Accessibility. and . Color Management. .. As a PM on the Core Experience team, you will help keep Figma beloved by the design community while making it accessible to a broader audience. Because Figma is used by so many of the leading software companies, you will be in a unique position to advance the state of the art for how UX design works across the entire industry.. We’re looking for a PM that’s excited about the unique challenges the Editor presents. You will work on features that are powerful and flexible enough for professionals, while also keeping the needs of new users in mind. Success is not easily measurable and decisions on core primitives are essentially irreversible, making it hard to rely on testing. And . tiny details. can matter tremendously when used hundreds of times a day.. In this role you’ll have the opportunity to work on big ideas for green-field projects, but will also need to enjoy getting into the nitty-gritty details for small improvements in every corner of the Editor. You may explore how AI can help anyone bring their vision to life; but also pore through the . technical spec of flex-box. to understand how exactly AutoLayout should work so you can make it easier to use, watch our . Font Picker. render frame by frame to ensure it feels good, or create an intuitive way to design for . Display P3. without confusing those who don’t know what Color Spaces even are. Most certainly, you would deeply engage with lots of designers to build a strong intuition, so you can make sound decisions without perfect data to guide you.. This is a full-time role that can be held from one of our US hubs or remotely in the United States.. What you'll do at Figma:. Talk to customers and get deeply familiar with the various ways that designers use Figma today.. Become an expert in core creation features in Editor and ecosystems our users design towards (like web, mobile and desktop apps).. Work with your team to explore new, innovative feature ideas that amaze and delight designers.. Do all the things you’d expect in a PM, like driving planning and prioritization, defining and tracking key metrics, collaborating on marketing, messaging, positioning, and go-to-market plans. Some projects you could work on:. Making  core creation features easier to use, incoporating AI when it makes sense. Exploring concepts for a next generation Figma UI that’s easier to use and more scalable.. Find the highest impact improvements to our core creation experiences.. We'd love to hear from you if you:. Have deep user empathy and are able to build relationships with key customers.. Have a design background, or if you have a love of design in general.. Love building complex tools that balance power and flexibility with ease of use.. Have an eye for the details, both in terms of user experience and the technical nuances.. Can balance user research, data analysis, your team’s input, and your instincts in the decision making process.. Have an affinity for the fast-paced, changing environment of a start-up, a sense of humor and get-it-done personality.