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Strategies for rapidly pivoting to remote work | #LeadDevLive

Speakers: Lena Reinhard (VP Product Engineering, CircleCI), Katie Womersley (VP Engineering, Buffer), Juan Pablo Buritica (Software Engineering Executive), Alice Goldfuss.

As the spread of coronavirus has escalated in the last few weeks, more companies have closed offices and moved to entirely remote working. For those experienced in remote work, the benefits are clear; but for those who have been newly thrust into this situation, teething problems will inevitably occur.

From communicating to your team, making sure decisions are publicly documented, and deciding what work can be done asynchronously - tackling new challenges whilst also taking everyone’s needs and perspectives into consideration requires concerted effort.

This panel of engineers leaders, all of whom have worked in and contributed to remote teams at scale, will cover: the differences in leadership style for remote teams, the importance of building trust and allowing flexibility, strategies for building connection, and will aim to provide insights into how to manage rapidly pivoting to remote work.

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